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HSM Safety Mats

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Safety mats are used to protect hazardous areas at machines and other equipment.

When a person steps on the safety mat it will immediately switch off the power source. As long as the person stays on the mat, the machine cannot be restarted.

Our safety mats are manufactured with mechanical, positive-opening contacts therefore an additional safety control unit is not needed.

The contact mat is placed between polyurethane mats protecting it against environmental influences. The cover material has a slip-resistant structure and is manufactured in the size specified by the customer. Larger areas are achieved by placing several mats side by side. Around the final mat surface an aluminium border trim is installed and fixed onto the ground by screws.

The benefits of our safety mats are:

  • No additional control unit required
  • Wired directly to existing E-stop relay unit
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Different surface materials depending on application
  • Dimensions to customers’ specification
  • Ready-to-use safety mats including machined ramp trim
  • BG approved

The photograph shows a safety mat on a CNC machine.

STEP files available on request

Please contact us to receive a STEP (ISO 10303) file for use in your CAD project.