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HSC Safety Edges

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Shearing and crushing edges on automatically driven devices bear a substantial risk of injury to persons. To protect against these risks, safety edges are employed.

Crushing and shearing edges may occur on lifting tables, theatre stages, automatically opening and closing doors, gate systems and many others. Safety edges, when activated, will immediately switch off the power source.

Our safety edges use a unique high-integrity principle with mechanically opening N/C contacts connected in series. Pressure on the safety edge will positively break the current circuit.

We offer a large range of variants which are selected depending on the application, inertia forces and speeds at the crushing position.

The benefits of our safety edges are:

  • No additional control unit required
  • Wired directly to existing E-stop relay unit
  • Operated from any direction
  • Supply of ready-to-use safety edges according to customer's specification
  • Various versions available depending on application:
    • indoors/dry
    • indoors/aggressive atmosphere
    • outdoors/wet
  • BG approved

The photograph shows a safety edge on a lift table. Should the safety edge be pressed the power to the table is immediately isolated, stopping the dangerous movement.

STEP files available on request

Please contact us to receive a STEP (ISO 10303) file for use in your CAD project.

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